Giovanni Perri


An all-round digital marketing expert specialising in Growth Marketing Consultancy, Paid Advertising, Marketing Automation, Account Management and Project Management. Giovanni has a history of working with multinational data and analytics organisations and the last 3 years in a Growth Marketing company in London and has worked alongside 20+ tech startups helping them find scale.

Guillaume De Sa


Growth manager and full stack developer specialising in data strategy, analytics, marketing automation, growth engineering, design and project management. Guillaume has worked alongside 20+ tech startups helping them find scale. He has been working as Head of Growth for one of London’s top recruiting startups. Read my story…

Carly Klinberg

Content Specialist

A talented writer and experienced content consultant, Carly specialises in helping businesses connect with their customers using high quality content. After creating one of London’s most popular property blogs in just under two years, Carly has helped 15+ businesses and startups build their audience and brand through solid content strategies, clear messaging and key content creation throughout entire marketing funnels. Read My Story…

Bryan Blanchot

Growth Hacker

Bryan is always on the lookout for the latest tools, technologies or methods that will help startup scale. Over the past 3 years he has helped more than 15 startups both in the UK and internationally grow through marketing automation, data analytics, conversion rate optimisation, and paid acquisition.


Paid Acquisition Specialist

A data nerd at heart, with over 9 years’ experience in acquisition and growth. During this time Caspar has built a wealth of knowledge across a wide variety of paid marketing channels, including search, social, native, display and affiliate/partnerships. A keen proponent of data-driven decision making, Caspar has been leading customer acquisition at Cornerstone for the past three years, scaling the business to an industry leading position in the UK.


SEO Specialist

An insatiable world traveller, Asad is an expert SEO practitioner with over 11 years of experience. He’s worked with well-known tech companies like Monster, Zapier, and many other top Silicon Valley companies. His technical background and vast knowledge of scalable SEO strategies have helped many companies grow their business quickly, efficiently and sustainably.

Alex Colas

Growth Hacker

Alex is a French growth hacker that loves martial arts and hitting targets. He specialises in social media marketing, organic and paid.