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Product optimisation commonly known as CRO, or Conversion Rate Optimisation is often neglected, and companies that make this mistake often pay dearly for it.

Do you know what the conversion rate from session to sale is for your business?

What if you could improve it by 20% or more?

This would mean you would be spending 20% less on every sale – giving you an extra 20% marketing budget to play with.

Is this even possible?


Whenever you change something on the site, you need to make sure there is a clear process in place. But how do you know where to start?

The first thing you need to take in consideration before making a change to your site (on a specific page, for example) is that you should base the change on a clear assessment derived from accurate data, and with a clear realistic objective in mind.

What does this even mean?

Changing “something” just because someone in your team thinks it will improve conversion is not enough!

One of the most important things you need to keep in mind before starting CRO testing is whether your web analytics is correctly set up. Not being able to track the effectiveness of a CRO experiment would make CRO testing useless.

Our CRO specialist will help you and your team figure out how to get started with CRO testing, and will be running CRO experiments for you by leveraging your internal team, ideally your developers and designers.

The CRO specialist will be focusing on the low hanging fruits first, meaning they will help you identify through data analysis where the main drop offs are. After identifying the bottlenecks (drop offs) within the main website flows (i.e. purchase flow, sign up flow etc), they will come up with a clear and structured prioritisation plan a CRO roadmap discuss it with your team and estimate the time needed to complete each experiment, based on the data showing on your web analytics tool (i.e. Google Analytics).

All CRO experiments will be highly dependent on the amount of website visitors going through each flow. High traffic websites will reach statistical significance faster. Each test will have a control (i.e. the current page) and 1 or more variants. The higher the traffic, the faster we will define and implement a “winner”.