Performance Marketing

  • Learn what channels work best for you
  • Identify the good and the bad channel tactics
  • Optimise your conversion rates
  • Reduce your cost per acquisition
  • Understand where is best to spend your money
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Whatever your current stage of development as a company, we can offer consultation to help you maximise your paid acquisition strategy. We can also provide you with consultation and implementation by assigning your accounts to one of our Growth Hustlers paid acquisition gurus.

Choose the KPIs you want us to focus on, and we’ll build a tailored acquisition strategy for your business. This discovery phase will be key to your business growth as it will provide you with clear understandings and insights about the channels and the strategies that are best for growth.

The Growth Hustlers will scope out a list of high potential channels and tactics, and begin a carefully structured experimental roadmap. The main purpose of the performance marketing module is not only to understand what channels work best for your business, but also to figure out what copy, what images, and what tactics are most compelling to your customers.

We shall achieve this by:

  1. Making sure that you are tracking the main acquisition flow events correctly on your web analytics service (such as Google Analytics).
  2. If the acquisition events are not tracked, we will help you set up analytics in a way that will be able to define accurately the efficiency of the channel testing activities

We’ll build fully customised reports showing a breakdown of the acquisition flow. These will help you quickly determine performances, keep a close eye on the cost per acquisition and conversion rates, as well as help you identify potential areas of improvement.

They run on Performance Marketing

Dashneet Chadha


The Growth Hustlers have effectively supported us in building paid social media acquisition setups for running campaigns, which have supported us in getting customers and driving our revenue. They have also provided us with Google Analytics and walked us through a tutorial on how to gain valuable insights from our traffic and sales. Highly recommended!

James Common


The Growth Hustlers have been a great help in getting our digital marketing activities off the ground.  They have offered actionable tactics as well as consultancy and insight on how to grow our user base and drive leads.  As a start-up we required adhoc advice and scalable solutions and they have been really flexible to our needs whilst always maintaining the same level of professionalism.  I am pleased to recommend them.  James Common – Founder @