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About Ambie

Ambie is a unique blend of human expertise and smart technology that delivers a more tailored, on-brand and up-to-date soundtrack, with significantly less hassle.


To help Ambie identify what channels, landing pages, value proposition, ad copy and personas work best for them in terms of customer acquisition.

Identifying working channels and tactics would enable Ambie to increase their customer base, reduce cost per acquisition and maximise ROI.

Our Approach

I kicked off with an indepth Analytics and Paid Acquisition audit. The idea of the audit was to identify whether there were any missing events in the Analytics setup and amalgamate insights and learnings from the past acquisition activities. Based on the monthly media budget allocation I then selected a list of paid acquisition channels to start working on.

The channel selection was also based on the Personas, the targeting options available and the value propositions we had selected with the internal team. After a couple of weeks of testing I identified potential in a couple of channels and campaign types (specifically for 2 of the main personas we tested). This enabled me to start scaling within those specific channels/campaign types with the aim of reducing the CPA.



Increase in Website Traffic


Increase in Sales


Increase In Marketing Leads

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May Growth Be With You!


Giovanni & his team have been absolutely great. They started by setting up our web analytics stack. We now have full visibility of activation and acquisition events on Google Analytics. This has enabled us to make data driven decisions based on the performance of our digital marketing activities. They’ve also drafted a Marketing Automation Strategy which will play a key part in reducing drop offs in our acquisition flow. Finally, they have been working on Paid Acquisition Testing on LinkedIn and Adwords. Ambie is looking forward to carry on working with them in the following months.

Gideon Chain,
Founder & CEO

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