Conversion Rate Optimisation 

Boost your conversion rates and reduce your cost per acquisition

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Get the best value from your website traffic

Conversion rate optimisation can be extremely powerful and help you maximise performance, increase acquisitions and reduce costs.

If you already have a solid analytics set up and a decent amount of traffic, it’s probably time to consider starting with conversion rate optimisation testing.

As a CRO expert, I will be working with you and your team to improve your acquisition flows, landing page and user experience.


CRO testing is an ongoing exercise that will provide extremely valuable learnings for you and your team. Never stop learning

Do I Need Conversion Rate Optimisation?

You might be here cause you have already decided to start working on your CRO. If you’re still in doubt, I’ve put together a couple of questions to help you make that decision.

Is your website optimised for conversion?

Are you currently running A/B tests? What’s your most recent learning?

What’s the conversion rate of your main acquisition flow?

What’s the drop off for each step of your main acquisition flow?

What’s your best performing landing page?

Which pages have the biggest drop-offs?

Mobile vs Desktop. Which one has the highest conversion rates?

What device should you optimise first?


Improving conversion rates across your key pages and acquisition flows will help you reduce costs and maximise ROI

This is what you get:

I’ll start by analysing quantitative and qualitative data and create advanced reports which will enable me to craft a tailored CRO testing roadmap. A mix of data and gut feeling will be guiding my testing. Each test will be based on clear assumptions, benchmarks and objectives.

I’ll be running A/B tests across the whole marketing funnel with the aim of reducing drop-offs between each stage of the funnel and ultimately maximise growth.

  • Run audits for both qualitative and quantitative data
  • Build a tailored CRO testing roadmap
  • Set up channels for testing (i.e. VWO or Google Optimise)
  • Create and push tests live
  • Close off tests (once we reach statistical significance)*
  • Report on learnings and insights
  • Come up with actionable insights to inform testing
  • Add results, learnings and insights to the growth playbook
  • Hold weekly catch ups to go through the learnings
  • Work closely with developers to make sure they implement winning variants
  • All over again!

I’ll be working with you as a member of your team and will be reachable across all communication mediums (video calls, phone calls, slack, email), and of course, I will be part of your internal meetings when required.

For more information please contact me here.
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