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About Giovanni

Personal Stuff

I was born in the UK to Italian parents, who soon whisked me back to Parma in Italy where I grew up. If you haven’t been, Parma is a beautiful, historic city with incredible food. It’s where Parmigiano Reggiano (parmesan cheese) and Prosciutto di Parma (parma ham) are from. You can probably tell it’s also where I developed my discernment for good pizza!

After 5 years of studying IT followed by Computer Engineering, I suddenly had an epiphany. The side hustle I’d started selling fashion on ebay had taken off. By optimising my ebay shop, I quickly became a power seller – making me realise that it was marketing that really interested me. So, I switched to Facolta’ di Economia di Parma to study marketing.

Soon, I moved to Gibraltar to work for an online casino company (and a few other adventures) before relocating to London in 2013 as senior data analyst for multinational Zeta Global – before discovering my true calling within marketing. Finding growth!

I now live just outside of London with my wife and our son.

The Birth of The Growth Hustlers

In 2016 I started working with the dynamic growth marketing agency Rebelhack. It was there that I met some of the most talented marketers I’ve ever worked with, including Guillaume De Sa. Our common interests and passion for growing businesses was the foundation of a long-lasting friendship.

When Rebelhack closed its doors, Guillaume and I soon founded The Growth Hustlers. The Growth Hustlers meant that we could keep helping businesses succeed, whilst also tapping into the talents of other world class marketers that we’d worked with over the past few years.

I currently head up the Growth Hustlers solo as Guillaume works on his baby – a world first no-code NFT platform. The rest of the crew are involved in exciting ventures all over the world. When we’re not working on projects together, we still meet up over pizza to discuss the latest marketing hacks!

The Growth Hustlers has helped over 50 businesses to make better decisions, streamline processes and increase productivity and profitability. This is done by building multi-channel marketing automation stacks, setting up advanced analytics frameworks and turning data into actionable insights.



To provide tailored on-demand growth marketing expertise to help businesses find growth.

My Growth Approach

The Growth Hustlers’ approach to growth is a clear step by step process which is highly dependent on your business goals and the areas you want to focus on.

My aim is to look into your requirements in detail and fully understand what your business needs are. This will enable me to deliver a fully customised growth marketing service across the areas you require.

My approach will vary depending on the service you select.

In short, I am a data driven individual that will always make decisions based on data. When there is no data available (usually I always manage to dig some data out), then I will have to rely on experience and gut feeling.

My growth approach is extremely agile but also rigid in its process. Each growth marketing activity will be built based on clear assumptions, objectives, benchmarks and projections. This approach is extremely powerful as it increases success rates massively. It’s also crucial when you are trying to grow a business.

Data & learnings are 2 key ingredients that will never miss when working with me.


The Growth Hustlers team are a team of highly skilled cross-disciplined technical marketing experts. I’ve worked with them on multiple projects at different businesses and they always bring a level of expertise and energy that ensure the impact is rapid and significant. Specifically the value they add with Data Strategy and Marketing Automation workflows has really empowered my team to be truly data driven.

Duncan McKenna,
Head Of Growth

The Growth Hustlers are highly skilled analytics consultants with a wide knowledge of applicable technologies and a determined attitude. They have been invaluable in helping our growth team access the data they need. After an accurate audit of our current analytics and the implementation of new views and goals the growth team can finally make decisions based on clean data enabling us to optimise paid acquisition campaigns and focus on the channels that are performing best.

Rob Imonikhe,

Giovanni & his team have been absolutely great. They started by setting up our web analytics stack. We now have full visibility of activation and acquisition events on Google Analytics. This has enabled us to make data driven decisions based on the performance of our digital marketing activities. They’ve also drafted a Marketing Automation Strategy which will play a key part in reducing drop offs in our acquisition flow. Finally, they have been working on Paid Acquisition Testing on LinkedIn and Adwords. Ambie is looking forward to carry on working with them in the following months.

Gideon Chain,
Founder & CEO

The team at Growth Hustlers were instrumental in developing the inploi data infrastructure and marketing automation engine. Marketplace liquidity and user engagement are critical to the success of any product seeking to efficiently match supply and demand. With the help of The Growth Hustlers we were able to develop a complex growth stack that has enabled us to rapidly scale our marketplace without having to increase the size of our team or compromise our user experience. Technical know-how and deliverables aside, they are a great bunch to work with!

Alexander Hanson-Smith,
Co-Founder & CPO

The Growth Hustlers are a great team of talented growth marketers. They helped us deploy a solid analytics framework which enabled us to easily distinguish marketing efforts between our App and our Website. Their team added great value across CRO and paid acquisition testing, thanks to very well structured experimentation roadmaps. We were also very impressed with their workshop skills. In short, the learnings acquired through their data focused experimentation helped us improve our App and Website flows.

Alexander Hanson-Smith,
Co-Founder & CPO

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