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Learn what works through data driven multi-channel testing

Getting clear visibility for your marketing team helps them see what’s working for your business. So you can decide which activities are worth scaling into, and which you should drop.

The main point of traction testing is to learn as much as possible about what channels, tactics, value propositions, landing pages and personas work best for you. Ultimately the final goal is to come up with a suitable marketing mix which will enable you to scale your business.

To maximise your media budget as wisely as possible we follow a methodical & data-driven approach based on assumptions, benchmarks, forecasts and objectives.

Our traction testing experts will come up with a customised plan based on your industry, business goals (KPI) and target audience.


Traction testing is a required exploratory phase which will enable you to learn as you grow and grow as you learn

Do I need Traction Testing?

Can you answer these questions? If not, you might need our help.

What is your current acquisition strategy?

What’s your best performing channel for acquisition?

What is your best performing persona? (in terms of CPA)

What is your current Cost Per Acquisition?

Are you ready to scale any channel?

What is your best performing value proposition?


Testing will lead to successes and failures. However, a data-driven approach will increase the successes and reduce the failures.

This is what you get:

We’ll begin by auditing any digital marketing activity you’ve run to date with the purpose of informing our traction testing strategy.

Our activities will be guided by data, experience and gut feeling. We’ll be working closely with you and your team to define the best possible traction testing roadmap.

  • Run audits across your previous marketing activity
  • Set up the analytics framework (see analytics set up service)
  • Define personas and value propositions
  • Pick a list of channels we intend to focus on
  • Create Traction Testing roadmap across the selected channels
  • Create campaigns
  • Push campaigns live
  • Create advanced reports
  • Audit user journeys
  • Add results, learnings and insights to the growth playbook
  • Hold weekly meetings to go through learnings and insights
  • Update our traction testing strategy based on activity results
  • Scale where possible
The number of channels will be highly dependent on the monthly media budget you decide to assign to this project. Our learnings, insights and action points will be highly reliant on reaching statistical significance.

For more information please contact me here.
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