Growth Mission

About Augmentive

Augmentive is a revolutionary platform designed to help people flourish in all aspects of their personal and professional life. Augmentive matches clients with high-quality specialists who work with them to improve their psychological wellbeing and performance.


To work alongside the team across multiple growth marketing areas with the aim of scaling the business, securing seed funding and ultimately Series A.

Our Approach

I began working with Augmentive around November 2021. I kicked off with Adwords management and landing page creation. After a couple of months of Ads and landing page optimisation I agreed with the founder (Kit Norman) that it was time to bring in an Adwords specialist (Ryan Scollon). Since then it has been a hell of a ride since I have been able to focus on my main areas of expertise.

I created 50+ tailored landing pages to support the PPC campaigns and expanded our reach across over 50+ locations in the UK. 

I’ve also built an ever evolving Marketing Automation stack for both the practitioner and the client side. Marketing Automation has massively helped us optimise the marketing funnel across both sides of the market.

For what concerns the Conversion Rate Optimisation aspect, I have introduced a rigorous CRO experimentation approach which is helping us deploy multiple high impact experiments each month. These A/B tests have massively helped reduce the CPL and CAC.

In the second part of 2022 I put a lot of my focus on the optimisation of the sales process. I worked closely with the extremely talented sales team at Augmentive. Together, we built a streamlined process on Hubspot which has proved to be key to the outstanding growth we have achieved in the last 6 months of work.


Increase in revenue per month

Increase in transaction volume

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May Growth Be With You!


Giovanni and the Growth Hustlers team have been fantastic to work with. They set out a clear plan and have executed it very well.

They also did a great job of setting up analytics and reporting across our marketing platforms to ensure that we can measure and optimise performance.

It’s been a pleasure working with them so far and I’d highly recommend others do the same.

Kit Norman

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