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About Butter

The Butter app lets you spread the cost of online orders from hundreds of retailers, choosing a simple instalment plan to suit you. In short, you can shop online from your favourite stores and pay via instalments.


To build a Marketing Automation stack with the purpose of boosting sales, increase returning users and maximise all phases of the Marketing funnel.

Our Approach

I started by identifying the user flow stages and mapping out the main KPIs we wanted to optimise for. I then moved on to the core part, the Marketing Automation strategy. Here I identified the trigger criteria, the exit criteria, the number of channels, the delays between comms and the technical requirements for each individual journeys I mapped out.

I then discussed the strategy with the founder and the marketing team. Once approved, I worked closely with the developers to configure the chosen Marketing Automation platform (in this case, customer.io), I created an event mapping sheet with a detailed list of events and attributes required for the Marketing Automation journeys to function.

Once the platform had been configured and all events had been implemented correctly I then moved on to the actual creation of the journeys. Journeys included channels such as Email, Push Notifications (Apple and Android) and Retargeting (FB and Adwords).



Increase in Returning Users


Increase in Sales

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Timothy Davis,
founder of Butter.co.uk

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