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Corona Test Centre

Corona Test Centre is the UK’s most trusted Government approved Covid-19 testing clinic, with more 5-star reviews than any other provider. Corona Test Centre was created to improve the COVID-19 PCR, antigen and antibody testing capacity in Great Britain. By doing this, we hope to inform the public more about whether they have or have had the virus, developed an immune response and, ultimately, help the country get back to normal.


To manage and scale the email marketing channel through the creation and ongoing optimisation of a Marketing Automation stack

To assist the marketing team with data driven decisions through the creation of advanced data visualizations.

Our Approach

Marketing Automation

I began by auditing the current Email Marketing activity. Even though not much activity had been done before, the data showed some clear potential. 

I came up with a proposal for a full Marketing Automation stack. I began by drafting a strategy which would allow us to fully maximize all comms. I worked closely with the developers to configure and implement all the events required to deploy the Marketing Automation stack.

After completing the configuration of, I began working on the migration of all users from intercom to, the creation of the user segments (which we then used as triggers) and the creation of the goals. I also worked closely with the team to define the details of each marketing automation journey we defined (including: content, number of comms, channels and delays).

Finally, I built all journeys on, pushed the marketing automation stack live and began the optimisation phase. The optimisation phase included weekly reports, meetings and A/B testing with the purpose of growing the email marketing performance month on month.

Data Analysis

After a careful audit of the Analytics stack (including: Google Analytics properties, events, goals and custom dimensions), I connected with the marketing team to figure out what their data requirements were.

I then moved on to creating tailored reports. Reports included insights on: traffic; acquisition; channel performance; CPA trends; revenue; daily, weekly and monthly reports and more.

The reports were mainly built on Google Data Studio and they have been at the center of our weekly team meetings and the strategic decision making.



Increase in Sales


Email responsible for 32% of the total revenue generated


Team has full visibility on Marketing data

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May Growth Be With You!


The Growth Hustlers really know email marketing, analytics and CRO. I’ve been using them for months now and the quality of their work, professionalism and responsiveness never fails to amaze me. Before I met them, our email campaigns weren’t performing nor were our landing pages. I’m now proud to say that they increased conversion for us through methodical testing and iteration. Also, email is now our 3rd largest revenue channel! Thank you!

Edward Heywood,
Founder & CEO

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