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Analytics and Traction Testing

About Gaia’s Riches

Gaia’s Riches provides a holistic kit purely based on 100% natural products and Ayurvedic principles – to naturally preserve your teeth and gums.

Gaia’s Riches is more than just an oral healthcare kit. It’s a community that drives a collective conscience towards better mental and physical health, with an emphasis on caring for the environment, just as it cares for us.


To provide visibility of all marketing activity and performance through a bespoke analytics set up and advanced realtime dashboards.

Our Approach

We started off with an audit of the website to evaluate the size of the project and get an understanding of any specific integrations. We then moved on to set up Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics. We implemented a full event schema which included activation and acquisition events, this gave Gaia’s full visibility on their sales funnel.

We configured the custom channel grouping on Google Analytics, created advanced reporting dashboards and provided an advanced analytics workshop to Gaia’s Riches team.


The business owner has now full visibility of the sales funnel. This has enabled him to comfortably make strategic decisions based on the individual performance of each marketing activity.

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May Growth Be With You!


The Growth Hustlers have effectively supported us in building paid social media acquisition setups for running campaigns, which have supported us in getting customers and driving our revenue. They have also provided us with Google Analytics and walked us through a tutorial on how to gain valuable insights from our traffic and sales. Highly recommended!

Dashneet Chadha,

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