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About Givematch

Givematch is a tool that allows people to donate to their favorite charities and double the impact of their donation by successfully referring 2 friends to donate. Givematch uses the power of referral to maximise donations for charities. It does this by finding generous organisations which match user donations through a set donation pot.


To deploy a fully mapped analytics setup and data visualisations.

Our Approach

I started by configuring Google Analytics and Mixpanel. After carefully breaking down all user stages I identified a list of events which were key for Givematch. I then created an event mapping document with a list of events and properties for both Google Analytics (in 2021) and Mixpanel (in 2022-2023). 

I worked closely with the developers to implement, audit and deploy all the events. Once all events were verified we also deployed historical events from the previous years (on Mixpanel). This allowed us to create a wide range of reports. The reports ranged from: traffic insight reports, YoY reports, acquisition reports (including funnels and behavioral flows) and more.



Deployment of a tailored Analytics framework.


Full visibility across the whole user flow (through advanced reporting).

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Fantastic and reliable service, with very reasonable prices. Gio transformed the face of our company: we wanted to take metrics and analytics seriously, and Gio carried us smoothly through that process, and we’re a different company today because of it.

Ismael Dainehine

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