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Kudobuzz allows online businesses to increase their sales via social proof. Thanks to Kudobuzz, businesses can now collect product reviews from customers and display them as social proof to new potential buyers. Kudobuzz Reviews widget integrates with Facebook, Amazon, Google, Etsy and Yelp allowing businesses to keep all reviews under one widget.


To create a bespoke Marketing Automation stack including multi-channel nurture campaigns across all stages of the user acquisition flow.

To deploy a bespoke analytics framework which tracks activation and acquisition events.

Our Approach


I audited the existing analytics stack and created an event schema for activation and acquisition events. I configured GTM and Google Analytics, implemented the new events, the new views, the new goals and created templates for the weekly and monthly reports.

Marketing Automation

For what concerns Marketing Automation; I kicked off by mapping out all comms (including email, sms and push notifications). I then moved on to defining the key stages of the user journey and built a marketing automation strategy tailored to each key stage of the funnel. This enabled me to create bespoke nurture campaigns for each stage of the user flow.



Full visibility of the whole user flow (step by step).

(4) Multichannel nurture campaigns deployed.

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May Growth Be With You!


Giovanni and The Growth Hustlers team are an amazing growth team to work with. They connected and worked with our team as if they have been with us since the beginning. They are skilled analytics and traction testing experts. They provided great Growth Marketing training as well as Traction Testing and Analytics. They are a bunch of highly skilled individuals which I will always recommend.

Kena Amoah,
Founder & CEO

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