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About Mercury Labs

Mercury Labs is a London based product focused team, with a bespoke approach to software and artificial intelligence. They offer services such as: Data Science and Machine Learning, Product Engineering, MVPs, Data Support and Maintenance and more.


To deploy analytics frameworks and data dashboards for a range of their client base.

Our Approach

I’ve worked as part of the Mercury Labs team on multiple projects. My main responsibilities were to configure analytics platforms such as Amplitude, Mixpanel, Google Analytics and Google Data Studio. In most cases I was tasked with mapping out events and properties across the whole user flow. The work included App Analytics and Web App Analytics. I worked alongside the Mercury Labs development team as well as with their clients, to deploy high level analytics setups and reports. 

In one particular instance I had to deploy an advanced analytics setup for a Series C Fintech business which ended up raising over 250 million.



Full visibility across the whole user flow for their clients (through advanced reporting).


Deployment of tailored App and Web App Analytics frameworks.

For more information please contact me here.
May Growth Be With You!


Giovanni has given us and our clients great value from day 1. He has worked closely with our development team and our clients and introduced a great analytics process to the mix. Our clients have been extremely happy with the analytics setups and the advanced dashboards he has built for them. We are looking forward to working with Giovanni on further projects.

Archie Norman
CEO & Founder

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