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About MyTenNights

With over half a milion unique visitors and 150 thousand unique donors per year, MyTenNights is a tool that allows users to pay their Zakat and charity donations over the course of the last 10 nights of Ramadan. Users can make one donation and MyTenNights will automatically split it over the course of the last 10 days of Ramadan, ensuring that they reap all the blessings and rewards.


To deploy a fully mapped analytics framework and tailored dashboards which will enable the team to make data driven decisions.

To optimise the conversion rate across the whole marketing funnel through Conversion Rate Optimisation and Marketing Automation campaigns.

Our Approach

Analytics & Data Analysis

I started working with Ismael in 2021. I began by setting up their Google Analytics and Google Data Studio. I mapped the whole user journey with awareness, acquisition, activation and retention events. I worked closely with the developers to deploy the event mapping and then created a Google Data Studio dashboard with 30+ reports (from traffic insights to acquisition and retention). We then used the reports to analyse performance across different mediums, sources and campaigns.

In the 2022 campaign we improved the analytics framework even further by introducing Mixpanel into the Analytics stack. I came up with a fresh event mapping which reflected all the changes made to the site during the year. Each event mapped is now passing key properties which are enabling the team to create advanced reports (funnels, behavioural flows and more).

CRO & Marketing Automation

In 2022 we added CRO and Marketing Automation in the mix, with the purpose of optimising the user flow and overall funnel conversion rate. 

For what concerns Marketing Automation, I started by mapping out the user stages and moved on to creating 5 key marketing automation journeys on The journeys included retargeting campaigns, SMS and email. We triggered these journeys through event based segments and also created goal segments which were key to define the success of each journey. The journeys helped improve user referrals by over 20%.

For what concerns CRO we deployed 5 A/B tests across the month of the campaign. We tested H1 & H2, Pictures, Steps of the donation flow and in-product widgets. In just 1 month of testing we have learnt a massive amount and improved the donation flow conversion rate by roughly 35%. The team came together to improve the product and had fun in the process.



Increase in CR from session to donation through CRO testing.


Increase in user referrals through Marketing Automation.


Deployment of a tailored Analytics framework.


Full visibility across the whole user flow (through advanced reporting).

(5) Multichannel nurture campaigns deployed.

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May Growth Be With You!


Fantastic and reliable service, with very reasonable prices. Gio transformed the face of our company: we wanted to take metrics and analytics seriously, and Gio carried us smoothly through that process, and we’re a different company today because of it.

Ismael Dainehine

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