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Analytics and Traction Testing

About Onko Health

ONKO is a digital health optimization and support solution for people affected by cancer. It delivers personalised, risk stratified, data driven and responsive programmes through an app integrated with technology for monitoring and tracking health status. Through digitally delivered health coaching, trained cancer professionals support and motivate people to achieve their health goals whilst constantly adapting the programmes to the rapidly changing health status from treatment complications and symptoms. A community of peer cancer sufferers provide further expertise, support and motivation.

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Test, Identify, Optimise & Scale.

To help Onko understand what channels, landing pages, value propositions and personas work best for them in terms of client acquisition.

This will enable them to make strategic decisions, invest and scale into the areas with the highest potential for growth.

Our Approach

We kicked off by providing growth marketing strategy support. We worked with the founders to identify personas and value propositions in preparation for the traction testing activity. We then moved on to the analytics stack set up. We configured activation and acquisition events across the main website, landing pages and the healthchecker flow. Once strategy and analytics were in place, we cracked on with traction testing campaigns. Through PPC we managed to show great traction in terms of traffic, leads and registrations. We reduced cost per acquisition and increased registrations. Through advanced reporting we managed to showcase the big wins and also spotted some weaknesses in the flow, which had a high drop off. Data insights have enabled Onko to draw important conclusions and come up with clear strategic action points.



Increase in CR from session to user registration


Decrease in CPA user registration


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