Conversion Rate Optimization and Analytics

About Qured

Qured is an on-demand health technology platform which provides affordable at-home healthcare at our patients’ convenience.


To increase booking Conversion Rates and provide valuable learnings for scale, through data driven testing across the website, the landing pages and the webform booking flow.

Our Approach

We started by deep diving into their current data and website performance. The main purpose of this exercise was to find out more about what was currently working as well as, create a bespoke analytics stack which included activation and acquisition goals with particular focus on the webform flow (the booking flow).

This enabled us to have full visibility of the booking flow and identify drop offs between each step of the funnel. We then created advanced reports which formed the basis of our CRO testing plan. Thanks to our rigorous data driven testing and the excellent collaboration with Qured and their PPC agency we managed to achieve outstanding results.



Increase in CR from session to booking


Increase in CR from session to lead


Increase in lead volume

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