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About Signature Lab

Signature Lab provides a zero-coding solution to branded email signatures for entrepreneurs, teams and small to medium size businesses. Users can choose from a list of templates and can effortlessly add in their details, upload logos, customise colors and easily install the signatures to their email clients – all in minutes and with no coding skills required.


To run traction testing marketing across a range of paid and non-paid acquisition channels.

To deploy a custom analytics framework and tailored dashboards on Google Analytics and Google Data Studio.

Our Approach

I started by working closely with the team to define the traction testing strategy. We worked on the creation of personas, value propositions and tone of voice. From the back of these documents we shortlisted channels, campaign formats and tactics to kick off with the traction testing marketing activity. I built and ran campaigns with the aim of generating leads and learning what works best for Signature Lab. 

The custom Google Data Studio reports enabled the internal team to easily keep an eye on the performance of the multiple campaigns. We also created a playbook of learnings for each of the tests we ran. We scaled across the working channels/tactics and turned off what was not driving the results we were after.



Deployment of a tailored Analytics framework.


Full visibility across the whole user flow (through advanced reporting).


Built a playbook of learnings for 5 paid acquisition channels

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