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Automate communications across all stages of the user flow

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Deliver tailored multichannel communications across all stages of your user flow

Implement a solid marketing automation stack across all stages of your user journey. Automate customised multi-channel communications based on each stage of your user flow. Ultimately, increase conversion rates across all stages of your marketing funnel.

A well structured Marketing Automation stack will help you reduce drop-offs between all stages of the user flow, improve your image as a business and support your customer support and sales team in their work.


Automating your comms will free up time for you and your team, so that you can focus on growing your business

Do I need Marketing Automation?

It all starts with user acquisition. Acquiring customers is often pricey and difficult (especially if your main acquisition channels are expensive mediums such as Adwords, Facebook Ads and more). The higher the cost per acquisition the more important retention becomes.

Ask yourself these questions to find out whether it’s time for Marketing Automation.

How important are channels such as retargeting, email and SMS for my business?

Is my user flow efficient? (website visit to user, user to returning user)

What is my churn rate? Can it be improved?

Can Marketing Automation support my sales and customer support teams?

How many leads become customers?

What are my drop off rates across the user flow stages?


Creating customised multi-channel nurture flows is an extremely effective way of ”pushing” leads down into the funnel and convert them into purchases/clients

This is what you get:

I’ll start by working with your team to identify all stages of your user flow. Once those stages have been identified we will create a strategy which will be focusing on driving users from one stage (top of the funnel) to the next stage (down into the funnel). The aim is to get as many prospects as possible into the funnel and to the end of the funnel.

To do this, I will map out a very clear marketing automation strategy which will be discussed with and approved by you and your team.

Here’s more details on my Marketing Automation process:

  • Identify all stages of the user flow
  • Identify stages with the highest drop-offs
  • Create a prioritized list of user journeys
  • Agree on number of communications for each selected channel
  • Select and configure the marketing automation platforms
  • Create user segments based on criteria
  • Work with your team to create MA content
  • Build user journeys
  • Audit user journeys
  • Deploy the marketing automation stack
  • Create reporting
  • Run workshops for you and your team
I’ll be working with you as a member of your team and will be reachable across all communication mediums (video calls, phone calls, slack, email), and of course, I will be part of your internal meetings when required.

For more information please contact me here.
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