Using Pinterest Ads to Grow Your Business


Should I start advertising on Pinterest?



You know that you don’t just have to use Pinterest to share your holiday snaps right?

With the right tools and know-how, you can also use it to kick start your marketing campaign too. Within a few months, your company could be growing faster than ever! (maybe not if you are an insurance company…)

Of course, it’s not easy, and nothing worth the energy ever is. Before you go running off throwing any old advert onto the site, it’s important to understand what Pinterest is – that is to say; what it’s supposed to be used for – and the people who use it.

Without understanding either of these, you’ll never crack the best marketing strategy that could see a lot of interest from Pinterest.


So What is Pinterest?

At its core, Pinterest is a social media website, and all that it implies.

People use it to essentially share images, and sometimes gifs or short videos, that document their lives to people who follow them. These images, called “pins”, can then be sorted under numerous categories. Things such as “fashion”, “arts and crafts”, “music”, or “humour”.

Most of these images will be something the user themselves has made.

“In essence, you could describe Pinterest as being the illegitimate lovechild of DeviantArt and Instagram.”

This does make gathering data on Pinterest users a little easier. Simply by tracking what categories people place their pins under, it’s easier to determine interests and hobbies. Thus, you will target your marketing more appropriately.





Unlike Facebook, which is more orientated around social connections, Pinterest tends to be a little more casual.

Its users tend to be more creative types, and the focus is simply on sharing images – whether its images the users find or have made themselves. Interestingly it’s also quite female dominated.

Over 80% of Pinterest’s user-base identify as female, which makes it rather unique among social media websites.

Between them they’ve also shared 50 billion pins since the website went live, so they’ve been busy!

Data gathered also suggests that, on average, the typical Pinterest user spends around a quarter of an hour browsing per visit.


How to Use Pinterest



Any avenue for advertising is valuable, as every avenue has its own resources to draw from. Gathering data such as that above, however, will help you learn whether it’s worth in the vestment. Further, it informs you how.

Given what we’ve already learned, you can be assured that Pinterest is unlike to benefit a business to business strategy. The user-base is too casual for a profession-orientated marketing campaign. Likewise, its makeup will make it a bad idea to have ads that are too “salesy”. Try to avoid terms like “sale”, “free”, or “n% off”.

Be very careful about driving traffic to websites with an acquisition form. Pinterest will decline your ads in those cases.

Ideally, you’ll want to use Pinterest’s ability to categorise pins into different themes to its advantage. Lead acquisition on Pinterest is cheap and easy to do. If you’re looking to market to a specific audience, then the website already provides the key.



Say you wanted to sell a new line of handbags, and you decide to use Pinterest as a platform to market on. You will already know that many pins are organised under “Clothes and fashion”. Thus, all you need to do is set up a business account and create pins in the appropriate category.

Bear in mind that Pinterest’s days as a cheap advertising hub are over – expect to pay as little as 16p to as much as £1.50 per click on your ads.

Within a few weeks, you’ll start to see the bounces pile in. Past research suggests that Pinterest has an average bounce rate of around 80%, so make sure your website is suited to handling the traffic smoothly.


Is Pinterest Worth It?

Compared to the other big hitters on the social media scene, Pinterest is still affordable. While the range varies greatly depending on what you’re advertising and to whom, it’s still by far one of the most cost-effective sites on the web so far. This is changing quickly, however, as its reputation as a cheap advertising medium goes around.

Before long, the laws of supply and demand will render this moot. Get in now while you still can.

If your business is relating to something creative, such as fashion, then Pinterest is a natural home for you. It’s the ideal platform for advertising created, physical products. Further, if your companies is marketing specifically towards the female demographic, Pinterest has one of the largest female userbases going. The website offers quick, easy and effective access to those markets.

Adding to the ease with which campaigns are created on the website, and Pinterest is a powerful little tool at your disposal. As with all campaigns, just make sure you’re fully briefed on what the campaign is intended to do. Go in half-cocked, and you’ll be funnelling money down the toilet.


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May Growth Be With You.