Giovanni (the “Italian”)

Early life

Giovanni is a fake Italian who prides himself on being Italian. However:

1) He doesn’t drink coffee

2) He doesn’t drink wine

3) He was actually born in England (Leicester) the child of Italian parents

But he does have an accent, loves pasta and is called Giovanni, so, we’ll give him that.

He was such a nice kid, way too nice. In fact, he used to often get beaten up by other kids his age (3 to 5 years old). Until eventually his dad decided things had to change and he signed him up to start Judo. Since then no one ever attempted to touch him again and he became the most feared kid in town!

Giovanni lived his youth without studying much.e loved the outdoors and he was hyperactive, always moving around and hardly sitting at his desk with a book.

At the age of 18, he started his first business selling fashion brands on e-bay. This was the start of a true passion for Marketing and Growing businesses. In 2011 he graduated in Marketing at the University of Economics of Parma.




The current Giovanni

Giovanni loves to think he loves travelling – but he doesn’t know whether he actually loves it that much simply because he hasn’t started travelling yet…

Writing isn’t one of Giovanni’s strongest talents, and he is currently trying to figure out why he is still writing in the third person…

I mean, Giovanni is currently writing about Giovanni (himself) from a third-person point of view. Oh, the complexity of content creation!


But seriously…

Giovanni is an extremely focused individual with a great eye for detail and always striving to make his clients happy. He is highly organised and loves planning. He loves to make sure that the client understands all about the growth activities that are being worked on with the aim of passing on learnings to internal teams. Together with Guillaume, they will be working their a***s off to make sure that businesses are getting the best value possible from their work!

Here’s a picture of Giovanni in Cambridge



Guillaume (the French guy)

Early life

A French man, born in France (not like Giovanni who is an Italian, not born in Italy). At the age of 11, he became a semi-pro Quake 3 player, and what an insane game that was (if you remember it – if you don’t, never mind!)

At 15 he was already picking up multiple programming languages such as PHP and Javascript. Then one day he completely fell in love with Python – his one and only true love!

Ever since he was kid he’s loved building things from scratch. This is probably one of the main reasons why he now loves growing businesses. He was born for the startup environment!




The current Guillaume

He loves travelling and has explored India, Asia and South America in the last year.

Quite clearly, Guillaume’s passionate about problem-solving! He is currently working on something very important – something huge that could change the way people see the world. He’s trying to prove to the world that the earth isn’t flat but an equilateral triangle (obviously). He’ll probably end up like Giordano Bruno (Guillaume loves taking risks).

But seriously…

Guillaume is extremely focused and will go all-in to achieve his goals! He is going to work with Giovanni to grow businesses and strive for perfection.

Here’s a picture of Guillaume in London:




Giovanni & Guillaume (the founders of The Growth Hustlers)






Guillaume & Giovanni used to work at a London based Growth Marketing / Growth Hacking agency.

Competitions between G-France (Guillaume) and G-Italy (Giovanni) were a daily thing in the office. Table tennis was one of the main competition grounds but they also faced each other at laser game once.

Giovanni would love to say it was a tight head to head but the hard truth is; He got rinsed by the French man over and over again – across a wide range of disciplines.

After realising that he could not compete with Guillaume (he actually beat him a few times), he decided to accept defeat and ask for an alliance.


How it all started (the serious storyline)


Not that the facts above are not true…

Their common interests and passion for growing businesses was key to their long-lasting friendship. At work, they made a fantastic combo and quickly learnt how to leverage and complement each-other across most growth marketing disciplines.

It didn’t take long for them to realise that together they could easily cover a great part of the growth areas needed to grow a business.

From colleagues to friends; from friends to business partners!


The birth of The Growth Hustlers


The Growth Hustlers was founded on the 21st of August 2018 (

The Growth Hustlers pride themselves for being able to offer unparalleled growth marketing solutions thanks to their highly skilled network of freelancers that specialise across all growth marketing areas.

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Depending on your needs, The Growth Hustlers will give you access to a collective of specialists deploying on-demand growth services into your business. Most importantly, they will make sure they pass on their knowledge to your team once the projects have been completed.

The Growth Hustlers doesn’t tie their client into long term contracts (actually, they won’t tie them into contracts at all).

If you want to find out a little bit more about Giovanni, Guillaume or The Growth Hustlers, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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May Growth Be With You!

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