We Explore the Best (and cheapest) Alternatives to Unbounce in 2020



Looking for the best alternatives to Unbounce? “But why?” Your average marketer might cry. 

Well, there’s no doubt that Unbounce is an awesome tool as we’ve said so before. But, there’s nothing wrong with checking out alternatives.

As growth marketers, we’ve tried a fair few landing page builders. There are a lot of opinions about which landing page builder is better, easier, more intuitive, better value etc… But really it depends on the individual needs of your business. For example, a platform might have a huge amount of landing page templates but not offer much room for customisation. For some businesses, this isn’t a problem but for others, it can be frustrating or just unsuitable. 

If you haven’t already tried Unbounce out yet, you’re welcome to use our link HERE for a 20% discount on your first 3 months to give it a go!

Otherwise, let’s check out some alternatives! 


Alternatives to Unbounce:


1) Leadpages


You’ll see Leadpages mentioned frequently as one of the more popular alternatives to Unbounce. It’s a landing page creation platform with features designed to help you drive conversions for your business.

You can download it as a plugin for your WordPress platform which is super handy. This allows you to publish directly to your WordPress website using the Leadpages plugin. Or an HTML page via your server, or via a Leadpages URL. 

This SaaS solution allows you to build landing pages easily without any coding knowledge. The drag and drop editor is simple to use. And, everything is managed via a single dashboard no matter how many domains you’re using, which is a nice touch. There are over 200 templates to choose from that look pretty slick and are optimised for conversion. The downside is some people have mentioned there are limited opportunities for customisation, so the templates may not quite fit your business.

If you want to create popups and alert bars for things like special offers, newsletter signups and more then you can. Another nice feature is that these popups can be triggered by link clicks instead of just being timed, or appearing at point of scroll. 


  • Easy to use editor for fast deployment
  • Publish pages on their domain or yours
  • Popup and alert bars help drive conversions
  • Run A/B split tests super easily


2) Instapage


Leadpages landing page builder

Like Leadpages, Instapage also has a simple to use drag and drop page builder that allows you to create sleek pages – and popups – with minimal effort.

Instapage is completely dedicated to building landing pages and increasing conversions using them. There are 200 templates available so, plenty of choices if you need something put together fast.

You’ll be able to create simple experiments and Instapage also helps you visualise your ad campaigns to ensure there’s maximum coherence for your landing pages. The heatmap technology also gives you insights into customer interactions with your page. Very useful! 

If you use any other popular marketing platforms like Salesforce, Mailchimp, Hubspot 

The templates are all fully mobile responsive as you would expect. So you don’t need to make any extra changes across platforms. 


  • Easy to drag and drop
  • Integrate with MailChimp, Salesforce, Hubspot and other popular platforms
  • Fully mobile responsive landing pages
  • 200 build-in templates
  • Heatmaps for insights on your visitor interactions


If this is your pick, sign up HERE.


3) Landingi


Landingi is nice and simple. It’s focussed on landing page creation so doesn’t have many bells and whistles, but it’s a great place to start. Like the other alternatives, Landingi also has over 200 landing page templates, an icon and font library and a simple drag and drop interface.

There are plenty of personalisation options to help pages fit your business needs. It features additional functions like testing domains, version history, basic stats, custom JS, HTML and CSS support. You can also run A/B tests from the platform.

It’s fully customisable for both desktop and mobile devices too.


  • Drag and drop landing page builder
  • No limits for gathered leads
  • Over 200 landing page templates


Feel free to sign up through our referral link HERE and get 14 days free trial!


4) Lander


Lander generally gets pretty good reviews from marketers, plus, it has a two-week free trial so you can try before you buy. 

Like the other alternatives mentioned, there are also templates you can use to create your landing page. The one big difference here is that pages are arranged according to use-case scenarios rather than industry type. So, depending on if you want to collect leads, get calls, subscribers or get visitors to perform another action, pages are set to maximise particular outcomes. 

You can also customise each element of the landing pages from header to footer. Each element may have different customisation options which come up on your right as you hover over it. 

Lander allows you to do A/B testing, improve your site conversions and integrates with popular third-party platforms like Mailchimp, Salesforce and Google Analytics. Handily you can implement a PayPal payment gateway and use a countdown tool for creating a sense of urgency.


  • Drag and drop landing page builder
  • The basic package limits unique visits to 5k per month
  • Page templates arranged for the purpose of the landing page, not the type of business
  • Customisable elements on the landing pages

The best tool you can have is the brain of a good conversion optimizer! It’s not just about the tools you use, but the process that comes even before the tools.

A lot of A/B testing tools are actually pretty similar – as are analytics tools. There are endless possibilities for data collection and testing. 

Knowing what to test and why is a key element of ensuring these tools are worth using. Both a rigorous testing process and solid framework for deciding how much money time and people you can assign to each test. 

When that’s clear, it’s way easier to pick the best tool for you. A classic combo we use is *name some of the tools we use together right here, is what we like to use – but what you use is up to you!

If you need help with your landing pages or A/B testing, drop us a line or send us an email we’re here to help! Or simply get started with one of the above platforms. We use Unbounce…

We love Unbounce.

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