Looking for Hubspot Alternatives?

Hubspot fans may call it blasphemy! 



Hubspot has championed inbound marketing techniques since its inception and they are pretty popular for their free courses. It is one of the most popular CRM software in the market without a doubt. 


Hubspot has many things going for it which include its excellent support system for customers. The customers can contact the Hubspot support team in six languages and these include English, German, Japanese, French, Spanish, and Portuguese. 


A user can find complete details about any given lead in Hubspot and it offers an easy way to organize and track every aspect of the sales pipeline. The software also comes with a mobile application and this makes it easy to keep track of things for the users. Hubspot is an immensely popular CRM software and thus there are hundreds of third-party integrations available for the Hubspot users. 


We understand that the Hubspot paid plans may look very pricey if you are in the need of just a few of the features that are available in the paid option of Hubspot. On top of that, the free plan offered by Hubspot is also pretty generous by industry standards. In this case, the paid plans may make you feel that you are paying for the features that you don’t even use. Paying for just a few of the top features of Hubspot can be very costly indeed. 


Many swear by Hubspot’s features and have taken a vow to stick with Hubspot regardless of what may come. However, some users may look for Hubspot alternatives and there’s no wrong in it. We will offer a few alternatives to Hubspot in this article. Hopefully, one of these tools will be the best fit for your company. 


The 4 Hubspot Alternatives we will be looking at today are:


  1. Active Campaign
  2. GetResponse
  3. Sendinblue
  4. Engagebay


1. Active Campaign




Active Campaign is one of the leading competitors of Hubspot. It finds a mention in almost all lists that provide alternatives to Hubspot. 


Automations are one of the key features offered by Active Campaign. The users can edit multiple conditions, automate email campaigns, among many other automated features. Additionally, Active Campaign users have access to features like CRM and sales, messaging, email marketing, and machine learning. 


Active Campaign users vouch for it as the software offers them excellent email deliverability rates and has proved to be an excellent value for money overall. 


Active Campaign Pricing:




  • Lots & lots of features 
  • Affordable Lite Plan 
  • Multiple integrations available




  • Limited options for dashboard customization
  • No landing page builder
  • Doesn’t offer a free plan 



2. GetResponse




GetResponse is a Poland-based company that has been in the industry for more than 20 years. They are pretty popular among the marketing community for their high-value content that includes courses, blogs, and whitepapers. 


Are you looking for software that supports a long list of languages for the benefit of your global team? Look no further as GetResponse is a software that is made for companies worldwide as it supports 27 different languages. 


It has some of the very impressive features that are loved by many. Advanced and easy to use automation are one of their most popular features. Their customers can use its autoresponder feature in a variety of conditions. It also allows users to automate contacts and list management, and also provides automation within the inbuilt CRM system. 


GetResponse Pricing:




  • Has an excellent Autofunnel feature 
  • Offers 180 responsive template pages
  • Users can pay through PayPal, Stripe, and Square




  • No free plans 
  • Pretty expensive enterprise plan
  • Doesn’t provide tools for SEO, Social media management, and content creation


3. Sendinblue 



Sendinblue has been available in the market since 2012 and it is used for sending over 100 million emails per day now. It is a one-in-all kind of software that is equipped with Facebook ads, CRM, transaction emails, email automation, list management, among many others. 


SendinBlue is appreciated by its user community for its simplicity & accessibility. Users can sign up for their user-friendly free plan that is a great fit for beginners too. The cost-effective plans of SendinBlue are perfect for companies for all sizes and backgrounds. 


Sendinblue Pricing:





  • Offers a long list of templates and design tools 
  • Comparatively cheaper plans
  • A pretty good free plan
  • Paid plans start at only $25 per month




  • CRM feature lacks advanced features like the ones available in Hubspot 
  • A limited number of integrations available 
  • Unimpressive autoresponders 


4. Engagebay



Engagebay is one of the top-most rivals of Hubspot and it matches Hubspot in terms of available offerings. It is an excellent one-in-all marketing suite. They promote themselves as a cheaper alternative to Hubspot with similar features. 


The customers of Engagebay are in for a smooth ride once they sign up for Engagebay as they are offered contact management, CRM, appointment scheduling, SMS marketing, email sequences, landing pages, live chat, and many more. 


Engagebay Pricing:




  • Offers lots of features in their free plan 
  • Reasonably priced paid plans
  • Their contact management feature allows users to add as much or as little as they want. 




  • The free plan only offers 1000 contacts & emails 
  • A limited number of integrations are available 




Personally we love Active Campaign, we believe it’s a great tool with fantastic features and a great pricing point. However, If you are super short on cash and you are not looking to use advanced features, you could give a shot to either Engagebay or Sendinblue on their free plans.


Our suggestion is to always write down a list of features you desperately need and go for the solution that ticks all of them.


If you are looking to discuss the Hubspot alternatives in detail then you should surely reach out to us. The Growth Hustlers will suggest a software that is perfectly suitable considering the unique requirements of your business. 


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