Salesforce Alternatives

Looking for Salesforce alternatives? I bet you are not alone as there are lots of people who search for alternatives to Salesforce. 


Intro to Salesforce


Salesforce has a long list of features which makes it a #1 choice of many. However, it doesn’t mean that it is always the best choice. Many organizations may have unique needs and thus may require a CRM software that fully meets their unique requirements. 


People who often vouch for Salesforce may do it for a myriad of reasons. The top ones among them are its popularity and credibility. 


Well, let’s just say that Salesforce is the undisputed king in terms of brand value among all available CRM software options globally. If we assume that the CRM market is a jungle and all CRM software the predators, then Salesforce would be at the top of this Food Chain. Enough said! 


Am I praising Salesforce a bit too much? I believe that nothing is perfect. Even the moon has scars then how can Salesforce be perfect. 


Salesforce is like superman that is all-powerful but one doesn’t always require superman. On many occasions, even Batman would do just fine. Similarly, many businesses would rather focus on only a handful of features as it caters to their customer base. They do not always need a system with a huge list of features, a system with a smaller list of features would also be fine if it meets their requirements.


Let’s dive straight into the best alternatives that humankind could have found for Salesforce CRM.  


The 4 Salesforce Alternatives we will be looking at today are:


  1. Pipedrive
  2. Hubspot
  3. Infusionsoft (by Keap)
  4. Zoho CRM


1. Pipedrive



Are you looking for the best CRM software that can help you create and manage sales pipelines? Look no further as Pipedrive is one of the leading sales CRM software in the market currently. 


Pipedrive offers one of the best features to its customers and it includes sales forecasting, email integration, and a scheduling tool. Businesses can use Pipedrive’s scheduling tool to get phone reminders and categorize activities according to their type. 


There’s also nothing to be worried about when it comes to Pipedrive’s pricing as they offer three different pricing plans to businesses and all their plans are quite affordable. Businesses that opt for Pipedrive will find that they offer one of the most competitive pricing among all major CRM software options available today. Their most expensive plan costs only $99/mo when billed annually. 


The features offered in the enterprise plan of Pipedrive rivals that of Salesforce’s enterprise plan. However, Pipedrive costs only around 65% of the similar Salesforce paid plans. Pipedrive beats Salesforce when it comes to ease of use, pricing, and third-party integrations. A Sales-oriented business will find that Pipedrive CRM perfectly suits their business needs.


Pipedrive Pricing:



2. Hubspot



Hubspot is like a household name among the marketing and sales professionals of today. They pride themselves on their “absolutely free to sign up” sales CRM software. Of course, Hubspot is not the only company that offers a free version of its CRM software. However, none of the Hubspot rivals offer a free CRM software that is as powerful and developed as the free version of Hubspot CRM.  


A business that uses Hubspot CRM doesn’t have to worry about its sales team boggled down by a long list of mundane tasks. This is because Hubspot allows businesses to automate and speed up their sales process, which essentially allows the sales teams to focus on what’s important. 


There is a close matchup between the CRM software offered by Hubspot and Salesforce. However, Hubspot has an edge over Salesforce when it comes to ease of use, available options to third-party integrations, and pricing. 


Hubspot Pricing:



3. Infusionsoft




Infusionsoft is a CRM software provider that provides a pretty extensive set of features that includes CRM, automation, sales and marketing, mobile apps, email marketing, among others. A business owner will also find it very useful in terms of the availability of integrations that specifically cater to small businesses. 


All Infusionsoft software products are of enterprise quality and hence businesses can continue using Infusionsoft regardless of the size of their business or growth they are seeing. It is also pretty easy-to-use as businesses adapt to it quite easily. The sales team will be benefited greatly from the multiple products that Infusionsoft offers. Businesses can choose from the multiple products offered by Infusionsoft, according to their unique requirements. 


One of the most interesting features which businesses can avail of when using Infusionsoft is their paid, one-on-one training session. This session can aid sales managers in learning all the tips and tricks of using Infusionsoft’s software quickly. Infusionsoft outgames Salesforce in this service as there’s no paid, one-on-one training offered officially by Salesforce. 


It also offers an app marketplace with over 800+ applications that businesses can purchase to personalize their CRM software and make it more powerful. 

Infusionsoft Pricing:




4. Zoho CRM



Zoho is not your average small-sized SaaS company. It’s one of the best-known SaaS companies out there. It offers twelve sales-specific products that can improve user and customer experience of almost any business. All their software usually ranks among the top list of their respective categories. 


They offer a feature-laden sales CRM software at an extremely competitive price. Zoho is among one of the few companies in the CRM Software market that offers a powerful free version and not the cookie-cutter version of the paid software. Some of the top features that businesses can avail of from Zoho CRM are customizable forms, lead management tools, automation, dashboards, and integrations. 


Zoho beats Salesforce when it comes to affordability as Zoho’s most expensive plan is available for only $100. However, it is to be noted that low prices do not mean that Zoho CRM lacks in features. Their most expensive plan comes with powerful features like advanced customization tools and sandbox advanced CRM analytics. 


Zoho Pricing:




The 4 Salesforce alternatives that we have provided above are the top-most ones that are quite likely to fulfil your specific needs. However, we suggest that you try out all the alternatives that we have provided and check their features before zeroing on one. 


At The Growth Hustlers we are using Pipedrive which is working wonders and it’s great value for money!


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