How To Manage A Website Redesign


In this article we will be sharing with you details on how WE managed our website redesign. We’ll be focusing on the MAIN steps of the website redesign process, with particular focus on planning and project management.


If you’re here it’s because you are probably in a limbo right now…you are not sure whether it’s the right time to go through a redesign or not.


We’ve been there!


Our Old Website (Homepage, Above The Fold)


Our New Website (Homepage, Above The Fold)


The purpose of this article is to help you make that final decision. We will be going through 4 MAIN steps:


  1. Introduction
  2. Step 1: define the reasons why you need a website redesign
  3. Step 2: get all pieces together
  4. Step 3: find a good developer
  5. Step 4: set up your analytics and drive traffic to it!
  6. Conclusions



1. Introduction

The importance of retention



At The Growth Hustlers we love to deliver growth for our clients. Actually, we love it to the point that we almost forget about our own growth. 

Yes, that’s right…it certainly doesn’t sound like the best growth strategy…does it? However, it has been working for us, so far. Keeping your clients happy will always lead to higher retention rates. Retention has always been our driving force and we are confident it will be in the future too.


The importance of diversifying acquisition



For what concerns our acquisition strategy, referrals have been our top acquisition source. Thanks to our great network we have been able to rely on referrals. Referrals “allowed us” to neglect our website for quite a long period of time…poor website…


In short, our website has never really been our main focus, it was just a way to show we were not a ghost company, in case someone looked us up. The truth is, we were never too happy with the looks of it, but we had no time or money to redesign it. It certainly was not at the top of our priority list.

It’s also true that having to rely on an individual acquisition source (referral in our case), is definitely not a good idea. In short, now that we had some money aside, we decided to prioritise a nice new website redesign.



2. Step 1: define the reasons why you need a website redesign


Start by asking yourself 3 simple questions:


  1. What purpose does my website serve right now?
  2. How comfortable am I with the current version of my website?
  3. What purpose do I want my website to serve in the future?


These were our answers at the time (when we still had our old site live):


1) What purpose does my website serve right now


We use our site to showcase what our clients think about us through a list of testimonials and to inform potential clients about our services. 

We also have an acquisition form for potential clients to reach out to us, however we have low traffic volumes and we have not been using the site as a main acquisition source. 

We are currently not running any digital marketing campaigns. In short, we are relying on referrals and some LinkedIn outreach which has been working pretty well for us so far.


2) How comfortable am I with the current version of my website?


We’ve never been too comfortable with the look and feel of our website. We don’t think it looks professional enough. Quite frankly it looks a bit cheap…I know that’s harsh…However, it’s also true that we are not front end developers and that since our website traffic is so low, there has not been any real urgency for a redesign so far.


So why now? What has changed? 

Well, we now have money in the bank and we’re gearing up for some exciting Traction Testing activity (to find out more about our Traction Testing service, click here).


3) What purpose do I want my website to serve in the future?


We covered some of these in our Intro, however to sum it up, there are 4 main purposes we want our new website to serve:


a)We want it to become an acquisition source where we can comfortably drive traffic to.

b) We want to improve our branding and give The Growth Hustlers an identity people can remember.

c)We want to add and improve some sections. We want to revise our services, showcase testimonials and case studies, offer free audits and growth resources.

d) We want our website to become a “go to place” for people who want to learn more about growth marketing (through our blog, view blog here).



3. Step 2: get all pieces together



It’s all about project management. You will have to make sure you have everything you need. This will be crucial for when you have to brief your developers. When I say everything, I actually mean…everything. Content, illustration, wireframe sketches, videos, logos, sitemaps and more…

The truth is; it’s going to be hard to remember every single thing, however we strongly suggest you give it your really best and plan ahead. Planning ahead will certainly help you speed up the process and reduce mistakes or misunderstandings with your developers. 

If you are in a rush for deployment you might also want to create a plan for what is high priority and what is low priority (i.e. what pages do you need first?). This will enable you to push your site live with the priority pages first, while the low priority pages are still in production with your developers.


What did we do?


We created a list of google docs and spreadsheets in a google drive folder, with all the above information broken down by website sections and pages.

In short, we create a main google document with a sitemap, listing all website pages.

We then linked every page (from the main google doc) to their own individual google docs. Each individual google doc had details on content, CTAs, links and wireframe sketches.

Once you got all pieces together, it’s time to brief your designers (assuming you already have someone…).



4. Step 3: find a good developer



If you haven’t got one and don’t know anyone, there are just 2 things you can do:


  1. Ask someone to refer you to a good designer.
  2. Find a designer online.


If you need help finding someone just give us a shout.

Actually, feel free to check out one of our partners here, Jacques Peacock. This guy is absolutely great! We did some great work together. We’ll be more than happy to intro you if you want.



5. Step 4: set up your analytics



Once your website is up and running (actually, even better when it’s still on staging), you’ll want to make sure you have your web analytics tracking set up properly. This step is extremely important, especially if you are planning to run digital marketing campaigns.

We can certainly help! It’s one of our main services.

Find out more about our Analytics service here.


6. Conclusions


Plan and project manage like a pro!


As you probably noticed, we’ve only covered some of the main steps on how to manage a website redesign. We did not cover budgeting management, SEO best practises and other minor details and challenges you might bump into.


We strongly recommend checking out some of these SEO articles below:


  1. Website Redesign SEO Checklist: Relaunch Your Site Without Losing Rankings by Hubspot
  2. Why Redesigns Sabotage Your SEO Rankings (And How to Avoid It) by Neil Patel


If you need SEO help we highly recommend getting in touch with Ruth here.


May Growth Be With You!

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Giovanni is the co-founder of The Growth Hustlers. His years of experience in marketing – and growth marketing in particular – have helped many businesses find and accelerate growth using his data-driven approach.

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The Growth Hustlers team are a team of highly skilled cross-disciplined technical marketing experts. I’ve worked with them on multiple projects at different businesses and they always bring a level of expertise and energy that ensure the impact is rapid and significant. Specifically the value they add with Data Strategy and Marketing Automation workflows has really empowered my team to be truly data driven.

Duncan McKenna,
Head Of Growth

The Growth Hustlers are highly skilled analytics consultants with a wide knowledge of applicable technologies and a determined attitude. They have been invaluable in helping our growth team access the data they need. After an accurate audit of our current analytics and the implementation of new views and goals the growth team can finally make decisions based on clean data enabling us to optimise paid acquisition campaigns and focus on the channels that are performing best.

Rob Imonikhe,

Giovanni & his team have been absolutely great. They started by setting up our web analytics stack. We now have full visibility of activation and acquisition events on Google Analytics. This has enabled us to make data driven decisions based on the performance of our digital marketing activities. They’ve also drafted a Marketing Automation Strategy which will play a key part in reducing drop offs in our acquisition flow. Finally, they have been working on Paid Acquisition Testing on LinkedIn and Adwords. Ambie is looking forward to carry on working with them in the following months.

Gideon Chain,
Founder & CEO

The team at Growth Hustlers were instrumental in developing the inploi data infrastructure and marketing automation engine. Marketplace liquidity and user engagement are critical to the success of any product seeking to efficiently match supply and demand. With the help of The Growth Hustlers we were able to develop a complex growth stack that has enabled us to rapidly scale our marketplace without having to increase the size of our team or compromise our user experience. Technical know-how and deliverables aside, they are a great bunch to work with!

Alexander Hanson-Smith,
Co-Founder & CPO

The Growth Hustlers are a great team of talented growth marketers. They helped us deploy a solid analytics framework which enabled us to easily distinguish marketing efforts between our App and our Website. Their team added great value across CRO and paid acquisition testing, thanks to very well structured experimentation roadmaps. We were also very impressed with their workshop skills. In short, the learnings acquired through their data focused experimentation helped us improve our App and Website flows.

Alexander Hanson-Smith,
Co-Founder & CPO

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