The Power Of Marketing Automation in 2021: How Can Marketing Automation Benefit Your Business?


Marketing Automation is one of the popular aspects of digital marketing today. We all know that marketing a product or a service is an interdisciplinary approach. It involves simultaneous deft handling of processes, campaigns, and channels. 

At its core, Marketing Automation is a set of tools. It aims at simplifying and expediting the functions of the marketing and sales team. It helps to execute an end-to-end marketing strategy.

A well thought out Marketing Automation stack will maximise your acquisition efforts, improve your funnel conversion rate and help you save a ton of time. As soon as your Marketing Automation stack goes live, your team will start loving you more! LOL

Manual work and repetitive tasks will be reduced massively and you will be able to focus on other stuff. How incredible is that?


Marketing Automation can help you boost Returning Users, Prospects, Qualified Leads, Sales, Revenue, Referrals and muuuuch more!

Also, today, there are a variety of Marketing Automation tools available in the market. These tools make it easy for almost everyone to leverage Marketing Automation, meaning you don’t have to be too techie to use some of the basic functions they offer…


…and if you ever need a Marketing Automation Guru! Then we are HERE for you!

3 things Marketing Automation can help you with




Businesses often see Marketing Automation as automated emails, SMS and push notifications. mmm that is not what Marketing Automation is…I mean, it’s also that…but it’s also much more than that!

In this article we will be going through 3 of the many things, Marketing Automation could help you with:


  1. Boosting Sales
  2. Multi-channel Re-Marketing
  3. Lead Scoring



1) Boosting Sales


Let’s assume you have a list of prospects (or if you prefer, we can call them leads). You might be acquiring these leads through different campaigns you are running across your social media accounts and your PPC strategy. The list of leads might be coming from various sources so their intent might be slightly different. Some might have signed up to receive more information on your product/service, others might have downloaded a free resource you are offering.

Clearly these leads have different intent but they might have some good potential for becoming a client in the future.

Creating a tailored nurture journey for each of these lead sources could help you drive more sales.

What do I mean by “creating a tailored nurture journey”? How do I do that?

A nurture journey/campaign is a series of automated tasks which trigger once certain criteria are met. These “tasks” could be anything from; sending an email, sending an SMS, Facebook Retargeting and more…much more.

Marketing Automation platforms such as Autopilothq, Intercom, ActiveCampaign and others will allow you to do so. We can use all of them! Boom!




Going back to our assumption of having 2 different lead sources, “I want more information” lead and the “I downloaded a resource” lead…

You should create a customised journey for each of the 2 types of leads.

The “I want more information” lead journey might be made of 3 emails + 1 SMS + 2 Retargeting campaigns (1 on Facebook and 1 on Twitter). Across 10 days.

The “I downloaded a resource” lead journey might be made of 5 emails + 1 Retargeting Campaign on Adwords. Across 30 days.

It’s very important that each journey has a specific objective. Generally, you would want to push the lead to become a qualified lead and then the qualified lead to become a sale.

Doing this right will help you boost your sales.



2) Multi-Channel Re-Marketing




As you start to build out your Marketing Automation stack, you will start identifying different stages of the users journey. Actually this is step 1, you should make sure you map out the user journey before starting to build out the Marketing Automation stack.

Let’s assume you defined 4 main stages of the users journey (see example below):


1. they downloaded a resource,

2. they requested more information

3. they signed up

4. they purchased


Let’s also assume you have a decent number of leads/users coming through. This would enable you to integrate the 4 lists of leads and customers to some of your advertising platforms, such as Facebook & Adwords for example.

Integrating these lists with the advertising platforms will enable you to create custom audiences which update real time. You can then create Re-Marketing campaigns tailored for those specific lists on Facebook and Adwords.

Launching these well thought out Re-Marketing campaigns will help you improve your acquisition funnel and maximise sales.



3) Lead Scoring


This is a big one! I am pretty sure you will like this one. 

Lead scoring means, you will be scoring leads depending on the actions they take.


  • 1 point to leads that visit a specific page on the site
  • 5 points to leads that download a specific resource
  • 10 points to leads who request more information through the contact us form
  • and so on




By scoring leads you will be able to identify the leads with the biggest potential and push them into specific nurture journeys. These journeys could be those nurture campaigns we were talking about just a few paragraphs ago…

Lead scoring can be a very powerful, especially post client acquisition. Let’s assume someone purchased a product from you (so they are already a client of yours…), you can score them based on other purchases and other page views for example.

You can then set scoring goals. For example, if a client came back multiple times and purchased multiple products, once they hit a certain score you can incentivise them to refer your products to other people they know that might be interested in your products. This would help you boost your referral program and increase sales.



Marketing Automation can actually do much more than this! I just wanted to give you a little taste of what it could be like to have a Marketing Automation stack working for you! To hear more about Marketing Automation and how it could help your business, feel free to listen to my latest podcast on Marketing Automation HERE.

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