Marketing Automation Agency – Does Your Business Need One?


  1. A short intro to Marketing Automation
  2. Does your business need a Marketing Automation Agency?
  3. What does a Marketing Automation Agency do?
  4. Conclusions + Request your free audit


1) A short intro to Marketing Automation




Marketing Automation is not just about automating emails.

A well thought out Marketing Automation strategy will give your business a big boost (not only in terms of lead acquisition and sales).


Marketing Automation will help you:


  • Improve your marketing funnel.
  • Maximise retention and customers LTV.
  • Boost awareness.
  • Save you time and money.
  • Coordinate marketing activities across multiple channels (Email, SMS, Push Notifications, Display Retargeting, Social Media Retargeting and more).
  • Improve the user experience.
  • Customise your comms based on the different stages of the user flow.
  • Boost your ROI.


There are many more benefits that come from using Marketing Automation for your business (in this other article I cover the details of 3 things Marketing Automation can help your business with).



2) Does your business need a Marketing Automation Agency?




Before answering this question, you should probably clarify with your team whether you need a Marketing Automation stack right now. If you are a super early stage startup, with close to no website traffic and no lead acquisition streams, my personal suggestion would be not to invest in Marketing Automation yet. Your main focus at this stage should be trying to figure out how to grow website traffic, awareness and user acquisition (find out more by checking out our Traction Testing service).


If however, you already have a “decent” stream of traffic and a working lead acquisition strategy, then it’s definitely time to work on the optimisation of your acquisition funnel. Marketing Automation can help you boost your conversion rates, improve your acquisition funnel and maximise your ROI. But how?


Let me help you visualise this with a simple example. Let’s assume these are metrics from your site:


  • Traffic: Your website has an average of 1000 visitors per week.
  • Marketing Lead Acquisition: You are acquiring 100 marketing leads per week (where a marketing lead, in this example, is a PDF download with more information on your services and/or products).
  • Qualified Lead Acquisition: You are also acquiring 10 qualified marketing leads per week (where a qualified marketing lead, in this example, is someone filling in the form to set up a meeting and hear more about what you can do for them).
  • Customer Acquisition: You are acquiring 5 new customers per week.


Purely based on our example, the acquisition funnel looks something like this:





Quick Funnel Analysis:


  • This funnel has a 10% conversion rate between the Website Traffic and Marketing Lead stages. Meaning that 100 out of 1000 website visitors become a marketing lead.
  • We then have a 10% conversion rate between the Marketing lead stage and the Qualified Marketing Lead Stage. Meaning that 10% of the visitors that download more info end up converting to submitting the contact form.
  • There is a 50% conversion rate between the Qualified Marketing Lead and someone becoming a customer (that’s a great conversion rate there!).
  • On the left side of the image you can see a big arrow going from top to bottom of the funnel showing a 0.5% conversion rate. This is the overall conversion rate of the acquisition funnel (website traffic to customer = 5/1000).


Whether this is a good acquisition funnel or not, this visualisation is helping us identify the stages of the user flow which might need Marketing Automation support. Retargeting, SMS, Email, Push Notifications are just some of the channels you could be using to improve the conversion rates between the funnel stages.


Do you already have in-house resources?


The next thing to consider is whether you already have an in-house growth marketing team which can work on strategy and implementation of a Marketing Automation stack for your business.


  • If your answer is “yes”: we strongly suggest you ask them to crack on with Marketing Automation strategy and start building a bespoke Marketing Automation stack covering the most important stages of the user journey.
  • If your answer is “no”: you should certainly consider talking to a Marketing Automation Agency or a Marketing Automation Specialist (freelancer). 


At The Growth Hustlers we’ve created LOADS of bespoke Marketing Automation stacks for our clients. Here’s a case study from a recent one.


3) What does a Marketing Automation Agency do?




Just like Homer Simpson would (would he???), a GOOD Marketing Automation agency will start off by auditing your acquisition funnel. This will enable them to identify key stages of the user flow. They will then move on to creating a bespoke marketing automation strategy based on your traffic and lead sources you currently have. The strategy side of things is very important because it helps them define a strong plan of action, identify opportunities for growth, project manage, allocate resources and much more. 


In short, the Marketing Automation agency will be responsible for the strategy and the implementation of the Marketing Automation stack. The implementation side of things would include tasks such as: creation of events, mapping out fields, integrating and configuring all platforms, creating multi channel nurture journeys, defining number of comms, delays, create lists and define list criteria and rules. There is much more to it but this should give you an idea.


  • If you don’t have a Marketing Automation stack yet, the Marketing Automation agency will be creating it from scratch.
  • If you already have a Marketing Automation stack, the Marketing Automation agency will identify opportunities and build upon the existing version of the stack.


A GOOD Marketing Automation agency will also be working very closely with your team, especially content writers, developers and designers. They will provide instructions for your team and work towards deploying the project within the set timeframe.


4) Conclusions + Request your free audit


I will keep things short…Marketing Automation is super important for so many reasons! (I guess I listed a few).


Hopefully this article has helped you understand whether your business needs a Marketing Automation agency at this stage in time.


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